Thursday, January 02, 2014

Am I nuts...

Am I nuts for thinking that ... perhaps ... next spring I could plant a small herb garden??

I have been thinking about the last of the snow on the mountain ground cover that is in the bed on the side of the house along the fence.  It is contained, about 20 inches deep, and about 17 feet long .  I would have to put up some sort of short garden fencing to keep Amos from "watering" the plants.  And, of course, I would have to rip out all of that ground cover.

Ever since making the stew, I cannot stop wishing I could cook with fresh herbs more often.  Could I have a small garden of rosemary, sage, and basil?  Maybe oregano, too?  Is it possible to have a low-maintenence herb garden??

Of course, then I have such wild thoughts as:  Could I grow some carrots?  Could I grow some  onions?  Could I grow some lettuce?  Well, probably not the lettuce.  Baby bunny might certainly find lettuce too tempting.

Why in the world am I even considering gardening???

At the moment, I am very thankful for Mary and Sandra.  Both helped me make decisions on the freezer.  Mary, kind and brilliant woman that she is, pointed out that it would be hard for me to bend over and fetch stuff from a chest freezer.  Oh, my!  I had not thought about how I would be dipping my head below my heart all the time.  Prime fainting time.  Then Sandra listened to me talk through all the options on uprights and the research I had done to help me choose the right one.  I really need support and feedback and encouragement when it comes to comparing models and making a decision.

I have a buyer for the guitar ... hopefully ...  to help fund this acquisition, along with bartering for services.  Plus, I sold three more things on Craig's List.  Another buyer is to come tomorrow to finally get my wireless keyboard and mouse sold.  I found a bluetooth mouse when I was going through the filing cabinets.  I wonder if I can sell it....  Yep, that's the person I've become ... donate or sell and  reduce, reduce, reduce.

I was a tad worried about where I was going to put the cast iron dutch oven.  After all, in getting the cookware set, I filled up my cabinets.  Everything has a place and nothing is wedged in so as to make removal difficult.

Last night, I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen, studying the inside of the corner cabinet.  That is my least organized spot, even though I did a re-organization last week, and is the designated location for the once-in-a-while items.  Surely, I thought, this is where I will find space.  Well, sure enough, I was studying this square 10x10 glass lid to a casserole dish when it dawned on me that my three main casserole dishes were on the shelf above the lid and each had their lid.  Plus, all my casserole dishes are oval.

Yep, in all my downsizing and organizing these past three years (starting with the work before I moved here), I somehow have managed to not notice that I have been storing and moving this rather large lid for which I have no actual casserole dish.  Who knows when I did ... if ever I did.  It could have been a kitchen hand-me-down that got separated in the giving.  Out came the lid and in went the trivet and dutch oven.  A perfect fit.  Since I know folk break casserole lids, I thought I would put the lid in my fresh donation pile.

Finally, I will admit that I have been having this very rash thought.  I have actually been thinking about picking up a paint brush!  You see, the laundry area gold has somehow turned very yellow.  I believe it is beginning to border on the garish.  I have an entire extra gallon of the living room GREEN paint (because I stink at guestimating paint needs on large spaces), and I am thinking that it would make a lovely color in the laundry room.  And, since someone is coming next weekend to stay for a while in the basement living space, I am thinking that I should paint the space before her arrival.  It shouldn't take all that long for two and a half walls, right?  It is not like I am planning to actually finally paint the basement stairs wall.  That would be rash.  There is prep work involved with that.  This would just be swish swooshing a roller about for a bit.    

Am I nuts?

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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