Saturday, January 25, 2014

Piling up...

When I was perusing the news, I saw an article of recipes for National Peanut Butter Day (yesterday).  I forwarded the article to Marie and Michelle, and Michelle offered to help me celebrate.  So, we made Peanut Butter S'mores Cookie Cups.

Wickedness on a plate.

They are so melty and smooth inside.  SIGH.  I plead the fifth as to how many are actually left in the freezer, 24-hours later.

When Michelle came home from her sister's today, she brought me a few groceries as a gift from Marie.  In the bag were russet potatoes.

I have been longing to make the Israeli Chicken Sofrito recipe I found two weeks ago, so the sight of russet potatoes—my only missing ingredient—brought about overwhelming giddiness at the thought of getting out my GREEN stew pot.

I had to make some changes.

These are my chicken "thighs," since I am a most decidedly not a dark meat girl.  The recipe talked about letting the skin stick to the bottom for crispy bits, so I dredged the chicken breasts that I cut in half.  

Can you see those browned bits?

The recipe is lots of ... work.  You do lots of prep, cook the chicken, in batches, and set aside, cook the potatoes, in batches, and set aside, and sauté the onions and garlic before then putting things together.

You put the potatoes in later.  But ... do you see that homemade stock in there???????

This is a leftover container, because I forgot to take a photo of my bowl. I was too busy eating it standing up in the kitchen, as I was pouring a glass of tea for myself.  Only half the bowl actually made to my place by the couch.  Tasty.  Subtle, but flavorful.

However, how is this different from a chicken stew?

One of the things that I love about my stew pot is that no matter how burned-on stuff is when you start, by the time you are finished the bottom of the pot is practically clean.  Amos volunteered to finish cleaning for me.  I considered letting him, but then thought ... perhaps ... I probably shouldn't set that precedent.  Truly, it is a magical GREEN stew pot!

As to the snow?  SIGH.  I couldn't get to the symphony tonight, because I am no longer able to keep up with cleaning the sidewalk.  Plus, the streets are awful.   Fort Wayne does not consider my neighborhood a priority, as the streets never cleared from Snowmageddon 2014 a couple of weeks ago.  Mostly the problem is the drifting snow, the heavy, packed drifting snow.  And the drifted snow in my bedroom.

Yes, my bedroom.
Strong winds.
Really strong.

I'm bloody exhausted from clearing the sidewalks.  I did last night, but was surprised that my light, fluffy, utterly manageable Indiana snow was so heavy.  When I awoke to a sea of snow this morning, I gave up.  Poor Amos had to swim through snow as deep as he is talk to tend to his business.

Firewood Man said he would dig me out for $10, which is most reasonable ... unless it snows and snows and snows and snows and snows.  And then snows some more.  I need prescriptions on Monday, so I told him that I would like for him to dig me out then.  

The Israeli Chicken was my attempt to cheer myself up a bit, since I was not sitting with beautiful music filling my ears.  If my rememberer was not broken, I would have had the meal with a glass of wine.  Yep, sadly, those seven bottles of wine I got as a gift more than a month ago are still sitting where I put them ... and then forgot about them until just this very minute.  I should put a bottle in the refrigerator before I forget them again.

More snow is forecasted for tomorrow.  Do you think I will get in trouble for violating the cleared sidewalk ordinance?  My piles are staying where they are until Tim comes.  I need a break.  Amos is going to have to gird his loins for a while and brave that snow ... for me.

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!


SusanH said...

Wow! Those Peanut Butter S'more cookies look awesome! And that "stew" does as well. I am jealous of your green stew pot... I'm pretty sure that I now need a stew pot.
Stay safe and warm!

Myrtle said...

Oh, Susan, I actually quite certain you need a stew pot! Le Cruet comes in many colors, but the GREEN one is most magical. And, of course, being so low in relative price. It was a good day I saw the plunge in my Amazon shopping cart. Honestly, I don't think I could have seasoned a new cast iron pot, kept it usable. This is a breeze. And ... it makes such tasty food!

I think my new stove top is extra hot. Other than boiling things, I rarely go past about 1/3 up on the dial ... just into the medium range. So things cook quickly in my magical pot because it spreads the heat around so well.

SIGH. I love my new stew pot. I'd be happy for others to have such stew pot joy.

As for the cookies ... they are wicked. Maybe even too wicked. I think the use of Nutella in the recipe instead of chocolate was rather brilliant of the one who created the recipe. It means you always have a smooth and melty center.

My! I think I need to go check and see how those cookies are doing in the freezer. They might be getting lonely!