Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kashi seems to be doing better, as am I. I am trying to remain hopeful that the vertebrae problem is old and something he's compensated for which is why the doctor said he appears to show no clinical presentation of the problem.

Today at work, I spent the day working to catch up on what I missed yesterday and to design the postcard announcements for our next event.

It may sound weird, but the developer was particularly proud of the tile floor in the lobby, so I took a photo of it earlier thinking I might use it some time. It came in handy as a background for the design. I wish I could have done with the photo arrangement, but the tile as a background looked great...in my opinion.

The only part I really struggle with is the fact that I am not a designer and that were we able to afford one, our postcards could be so much better.

At the end of the day, I had been trying to leave for half an hour when my phone rang. It was a direct dial, which few people use, so I answered it...but I half yelled into the phone that I was not there.

It was my boss. Foot-in-mouth time, eh?

Never will I be able to rise above my innate clumsiness to exhibit even a modicum of class...

I did spend a while on my deck in peaceful quiet.

Did I mention that it was DONE!

[Except for the two foot section of one slat I overlooked and plan on addressing soon...]

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