Friday, August 19, 2005

I discovered that my domain had expired, without notice, yesterday. I panicked and renewed for five years, immensely relieved when the transaction went through.

But, while my money was taken, the site was still down. I panicked again. I contacted the registrar company for the domain five minutes before their office was to close. Unfortunately, the person who has hosted this over the years has been out of contact for a very long time. Although I am down as the owner, her contact phone and my contact email was no longer valid. So the registrar of the domain was unable to verify me nor contact her. I panicked more.

I panicked in the midst of a writing lesson. I set the students to writing and begged, cajoled, and pleaded with the registrar for some way around this mess. Some way around this mess when the registrar's office had now closed and would not be open until Monday morning again. PST.

I suspect he heard the desperation in my voice for I was able to offer proof of who I was and all was reset, reconfigured, and redirected. He stayed nearly an hour after work to help me.

I never knew, until this evening, how very important this online journal is to me.

Now...all I can do is wait and see if the redirection worked since nothing with domains is instantaneous.

I am waiting. I am checking. I am waiting. I am checking again. I am being foolish and should go to bed. I am waiting. I am still checking.

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