Saturday, August 06, 2005

Today was a surprising day. A good day. [Of course it was destined to be a good day since the front passed.]

I slept late and then rolled out of bed to visit my family in Manassas. I was not looking forward to the drive, but when I got there, and mentioned a chocolate sheet cake my stepmother had made a few years ago yet still lived strongly on in my memory, she offered to bake one if I fetched the ingredients.

Not long after that, I was zipping my way to the grocery store with my father. Given that I have been eating cereal at night for two weeks since I am generally too tired to go shopping after work, I took the opportunity to load up on supplied. I near horrified my dear father, though, when loading up the cart with four bottles of juice, nine bottles of Gatorade, five twelve-packs of soft drinks, and two gallons of milk. [I was thirsty.]

In addition to drinks, I got a london broil (a big slab of steak that I cut up into four meals), spinach and tomato basil wraps, some rather delicious honey mesquite barbecue turkey breast, provolone cheese, salad fixings, and baby red potatoes. Of course, those who know me know that I got some chicken, some chicken, and some more chicken.

I remembered the sugar that I ran out of just the day before (a memory victory), but when I was putting it away I discovered the half-bag that I had put away before when it would not fit into the sugar jar.

I did get gas and then picked up my grandfather for dinner. The chocolate cake was just lovely. I troublshooted Dad's computer and then made my way home. While it took quite a while to bring all the drinks inside, I was grateful that I had the added fillip of getting my shopping done while visiting the folks.

Yes, my step-mother rather thoughtfully wrapped up a rather large piece of that sumptuous cake!

No, it did not last more than 12 hours in my home...

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