Monday, August 28, 2006

I rather enjoyed watching Tiger play this weekend. I kept thinking about how he handled four bogeys in a row, something that he hasn't done in since 1998. He didn't let his anger or discouragement affect his play. Rather, he simply stepped up to the next tee and struck the ball. That was his job. There was nothing more he could do about the situation. He had to stand over his ball, set aside what happened at the last hole, remember what is true about himself, and swing his club.

At the end of his round, he was only one back. He then went on to win the tournament, his fourth in a row, in a four-hole playoff.

While watching the PGA Championship last week and the tournament at Firestone this week, I found myself near crazy about playing golf. I mean, I have all this time, I have the tips from my golf lesson in June dancing around in my head, the cast is off, those golf shoes are just aching to be out on the turf...and I am sure that doing so would improve my game. Really, I am ready. Except...except...the funds to do so are difficult to come by when you are jobless.

However, in thinking about what I witnessed this weekend watching Tiger, I got the feeling that the lesson to be learned really had nothing to do with my swing.

I definitely feel as if I am hitting bogeys in my life. Maybe I also need to just step up to the next tee, remembering what is true about me. Tiger is not a man of bogeys. Neither am I.

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