Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yesterday, I played the guitar for a few hours, singing praise songs and hymns. I haven't played in a while because one of the symptoms of MS is that you lose control of your hands. You think you have a grip on something only to discover that object falling to the floor. Playing is much harder for me now, so I just haven't been all that eager to play. I am a pretty lousy player and I get so discouraged when my hands will not do as I would like. Still, I have been reading three different books about Jesus and felt moved to spend some time in praise of Him.

Today, I about near killed myself in the yard to put out the mulch that should have been put out last April. We are in triple digit figures here, and the contents of my beds in the yard are really taking a beating. I did, however, remember that I could just purchase the mulch and let the Lowe's guys load it up in my vehicle.

In two trips, I purchased 35 bags and spread them out about my yard. I threw up four times, but did not faint. I actually remembered to use my inhaler before and during, so I think that helped with my oxygen sats. In case you are thinking that I am quite foolish, I would offer that I did not start out for the store until 6:30 PM, so I was not working in the heat of the day.

I also managed to effect a repair on the pump in my fountain. The birds have been expressing their disappointment in the fountain lately. The pump was clogged, so a bare trickle of water spilled down the side of the rock. So, while the birds could still frolic in the water below, they could not drink from the water spilling out the top. I have been reluctant to try to remedy the situation because of the heat. However, I was already sweaty and quite grubby from the mulching that I decided to take a stab at it. After careful application of a bent paper clip and much use of the sprayer in my sink, I was able to restore full function to the pump. The local birds have already expressed their gratitude.

I very much need to mow, but it has been so stinking hot that I keep putting off the deed. Dumping mulch is one thing, but I fear pushing around a mower might be a bit too much. I practically need a sickle out there!

One week from tomorrow, the heat wave is supposed to break. I will be most thankful for that day!

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