Saturday, August 26, 2006

I talked away the evening with my dear friend W_. During the conversation, I had the opportunity to flesh out a bit more my thoughts on the parable of the sower.

Over the years, I have heard this parable taught on many occasion, but taught as a beginning, not something on-going. Luke 8:4-15 speaks of seeds that fall on several types of soil: the hardened road, rocky soil, thorny soil, and rich soil. Obviously, the seed on the rich soil grows to provide a strong crop.

But...I have been thinking lately that perhaps this parable has another message. Perhaps this parable speaks to the need for Christians to tend the soil of their life. I have been thinking about this because I think my soil is in poor shape right now.

There are many rocks from my old job and many thorns from my mother's words. Both of which are impediments to the Word of God growing in my heart. The truth I know about who I am in Christ oft gets choked by the thorns of the hurtful words that flow so easily from my mother's mouth. I stumble on the rocks of dismissal and disregard for all that I poured into my old job.

I have spent so much time tending to the soil in my yard, failing to see that the greater need was the condition of the soil of my heart.

Of course, working among the thorns of my roses is MUCH easier than working in on those of my mother.

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