Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fancy was 85 grams on Friday. Today, she is 91 grams. Since Madison's death, she will climb up to 101 grams, but does not stay there very long. Dropping down to the mid 80's is so very dangerous for her.

I called my vet yesterday to see if I should bring Fancy in again. We made an appointment for Wednesday. Fancy trembles more, but she is eating and drinking and preening herself. All of which is normal behavior.

I am starting to think that perhaps her struggle is because she is too lonely during the week when I am at work and is just not eating enough without the company she has with me on the weekends. Today, for example, she has camped out on my shoulder for much of the day, napping and preening and nuzzling.

I found a bird at a rescue shelter, but in order to get it, I have to have two interviews and a home visit. The adoption fee would be half of the cost of purchasing a bird. However, I am leery of the interviews and home visit. Funny, I can walk into a store and walk out with a bird. But trying to rescue a bird, I have many hoops to jump through without even the guarantee that I would get the bird. That seems a bit backward to me.

I would go out tomorrow and bring home a new companion for her if it were not for the fact that a match with cockatiels is hardly a sure thing. Were she to not take to her new flock or he to her, it could depress her further. I have had her now over 6 years. I just want to do the right thing for her well-being. I simply do not know what that is.

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