Sunday, February 05, 2012

All hail the Cheerio...

No nausea, no low blood sugar, no innards writhing last night!  All hail the Cheerio!

Silly, I know.  Still, I just finished my bowl of Cheerios for today.  Later, I shall have my Ginger ale with natural cranberry juice.  Breakfast was a cup of lentils with a slice of cheddar cheese.  I shall have some asparagus later and after that a fried egg or maybe two.

Yesterday, I had the Cheerios, crackers and Havarti cheese, 1/2 chicken breast and broccoli & cheddar rice mix, and a salad.  I need to grill more chicken breast meat.

Did I mention that Leslie brought me not only one but two boxes of Cheerios?  If they are really helping to keep things on a more positive keel when it comes to my innards, she wanted me to always have a box on hand.  So, when the first one runs out, I will have a stash whilst trying to remember to purchase another box.

Because I was so bloody exhausted after virtually no sleep the night before, I went back to bed twice today...much to Amos' confusion.  He is used to my feeding him early and then going back to bed, but the second time was not all that high on his agenda.  So tired was I, I barely even registered his protests.  I honestly do not remember much after he perched across my hip to whimper in my ear as I curled on my side once more.  However, the World's Greatest Puppy did allow me to then sleep until just after 1:30 PM...meaning four extra hours after his breakfast.

I wonder if I can talk him into a late afternoon nap with me...........


ftwayne96 said...

Glad it went better for you!

Becky said...

Isn't he always up for a nap? But preferably in the green chair.

I also believe very strongly in always having a box of Cheerios around.