Thursday, February 06, 2014

Please never again...

I'm a fool. A bloody fool. I legitimately forgot that brownies need to be on the forbidden foods list and so did not turn down two free brownies Sunday. Two bad sugar crashes followed. I vowed not to forget again.

But there is no excuse for accepting a huge helping of Lucky Charms. Yes, the cereal is something I have not had since before the reactive hypoglycemia started ... in many, many, many years. But I still should have known.  I still should have known that no amount of protein beforehand would make up for eating that cereal and that extra milk with it was a farce.

Worst. Sugar Crash. Ever.

Christ be praised I managed to choke down five glucose tablets before I fainted. Amos slathered my face until I awoke, still incredibly weak, and started shoving food, hand over fist, into my mouth. What is terrifying me is how high both my heart rate and blood pressure got. The latter is still elevated. The former has dropped, but is still thundering away in my chest.

I don't care that Lucky Charms is a connection to a past mostly lost to my memory. I was a fool.
I am a fool.
A terrified fool.

Please, never this bad again.

I am Yours, Lord. Save me!

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