Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I found myself yelling at the fraud service representative at Capital One this evening because I got a call about suspicious activity on my account (the caller did not say which of the two cards it was) and that my card was going to be temporarily suspended. I called the department back, was passed from person to person, only to discover that there were no fraud notes on either account and neither was "temporarily closed." I wasted nearly an hour on the phone for nothing. I was really angry because after a while, each person I talked to would pick out what he/she thought might be a "suspicious" charge and none of them were recent because both bills were paid in full just last week. I stayed on the phone because I do not carry cash and have been charging everything for the miles so having my account frozen would be difficult for me. But I resented the waste of time and energy when there was apparently no reason and instead of acknowledging that a mistake had been made, the employees of Capital One kept insisting that I stay on the phone for one more "specialist" to review my accounts. Each "specialist" made me repeat all my identifying information before he/she would continue. I was steamed and I yelled.

My car was crunched on the way to work. I am disappointed and frustrated...and oh, did I mention tired?

I was not a good game player with my friend because I was a rather poor loser. Again, I really do like that she is so darned smart...I just hate getting trounced by one big point word after another. She is very, very, very good at Scrabble.

I suppose that I should concentrate on my victory today: my kitchen sink and my bathroom sink both became clogged, but for separate reasons (you really shouldn't shred a lot of lettuce in a disposal and watering plants in the bathroom sink is not the brightest idea either). My wonderful, amazing, has-an-answer-for-everything boss told me about some stuff that her plumber recommends that is for sale at Home Depot. She forgot the name of it, but she could describe the bottle.

I found it, bought it, and went through the unclogging process on both sinks. It took but two applications for my kitchen sink to gurgle happily once more, but the bathroom sink was a bit more reticent. I did three separate applications to no avail (pour 6 ounces slowing down the drain, being careful NOT to get the product on anything but the middle of the drain, and wait ten minutes). Then I sat on the toilet to ponder the situation. Since the water would actually run for a while before it would back up, which told me the dirt and leaves were a bit of a trek down the pipe, I decided to pour in the rest of the bottle so that the product would move past the trap and on down the pipe. My gamble paid off and I successfully avoided a plumbing bill. I even-- albeit with a bit of fear and trepidation--ran the dishwasher, which easily drained down the kitchen pipes.

I should think about pipes, not costly crunches.

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