Friday, February 17, 2006

I had a hard conversation this evening, recognizing that there is too much to be done and little that I can do. But then...but then...oh, cousin called, feeling rather rash, and booked a ticket to come see me on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. But...then...there was more...his idea of a good time: we could write together!!!! Wow. Be still my beating heart.

Currently, I have on bike shorts, leggings, jersey pants, sweatpants, tank top, two shirts, a sweater, and two pairs of socks. I am staving off the chill in here because last month's gas bill was $300 with the thermostat set at 68. So, since my last bill, I nudged the dial a bit to hover around 66 degrees. However, the thought of having company and getting to work on writing makes me feel rash. I might just bump it up to 70 for the long weekend.

He is, however, rather suspect of consuming food from my refrigerator given some of my recent posts. I do not know why he would worry. I did have to admit to myself that my 10 bags of lettuce might not make it. I am consumed bag 7 tonight and some of the leaves were a bit...mushy. Of course, I just doused it all with lots of salad dressing and downed it all. I am not sure I am going to make my way through the last 3 bags.

I also had leftovers from the reception Wednesday. I am single handedly trying to consume the left overs. I did pawn some off on the residents of the building we used, on the resident association president, on a guy from Microsoft (I convinced he would be a popular guy at work the next day), and on our staff who work on site. Still, I came home with a couple hundred skewers of meat.

My last five meals have been leftovers. How long do you think those skewers will last?

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