Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I worked until 2:00 last night and was at work (the latter part of the day was an event) until 9:30. Kashi barely recognizes me! I did ask my boss if it was okay for me to work from home tomorrow to save the commute. I plan on sleeping those two "extra" hours!

I have much delicious food left over from the event sitting in my refrigerator. I have beautiful flowers filling the air with their sweet fragrance also left over from the event. I have small chocolate covered brownie wedges waiting for me in the freezer (14 of them). I should be satisfied.

Tomorrow I shall sleep late. I shall take lunch to write for myself. I shall enjoy many jerk chicken and flank stake skewers. I shall savor dessert. I shall nap in the afternoon. I shall accomplish at least three big work tasks. I shall go to bed early. I shall get some rest.


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