Monday, February 06, 2006

Tonight I found the night sky absolutely breathtaking. It was so beautiful in its simplicity. A wide expanse of darkness, scattered with stars and a brilliant moon. Gazing upon His craftsmanship, I forgot the cane, I forgot the pain. I forgot my struggle and worries and confusion. I forgot. I remembered His grace. The Creator's hand is truly magnificent.


I am beginning to wonder if it is ever possible to leave the paths laid upon your mind as a child. I mean, you can step off the path you are on to deliberately choose another. You walk on it, following its twists and turns, and come to realize that after a long journey you are, in fact, back on the same path. The scenery is different, deceptively so. But the steps you are taking follow those lessons you learned as a child. Eerily familiar, hauntingly so.

I find myself standing on a path I left eighteen years ago. I find myself remembering the dangers. I find myself remembering the comfort. I find myself wondering if I could navigate it more successfully now, with what I have learned, than what I did then.


Today, a co-worker helped me open the bathroom door, blushing a bit since it was not of his gender. He quietly said that it was hard to see me in such pain and that he hoped I got better soon. He'll never know his words were more of a help than holding the heavy door away from my cane.

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