Friday, June 02, 2006

One of the best birthday presents ever has been given to me this year. One of my friends who lives in Pennsylvania offered to drive down and pick the birds, Kashi, and I up, haul us back to her rather lovely home, and bring us all back home again on Sunday. Such a sacrifice of love all that driving!

Well, after packing far too much stuff in her vehicle, traveling four hours north, driving through a torrid rainstorm, dealing with two very exhausted boys, and stopping for a bathroom break, we arrived safely. While I only packed a backpack for myself, I did feel the need to also bring a duffel bag of pet supplies, my camera, my computer, Orange Gatorade, four pillows, the bird cages, Kashi's bed, my work bag, a baby gate, and some DVD's to watch. There was precious little room left for my friend and her two little boys.

Kashi feels like he has died and gone to doggy heaven. My friend's home is the largest one I have ever visited, with carpet in much of it, so he has been running around, traveling up and down the stairs, being happily chased by her three year old. Really, such room to frolic and explore, with a willing companion and without the slippage hazard of hard wood floors, is a true delight to him.

Today is definitely a good day.

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