Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two more days. I really cannot believe that this is happening.

I packed up my plants, a small table from India, and spare Dr. Pepper today. My office is getting barer and barer. Again, it is good that my writing student is the one who is actually using it, while I am tucked away in an empty office.

I cloned some grass this afternoon. After some cropping and some cloning, I got an exterior shot of a building that is a far better representation of the property than came through the lens in the driving rain we have been having. Given the fact that I am definitely not a graphics artist, I am quite pleased with my grass-that-was-not-really-there.

My goal this evening is to work on my novel. It is about time, after all, that I start transitioning to doing things for me in the evenings...rather than for my job.

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