Sunday, November 26, 2006

Alas, the Giants collapsed and the Cowboys are alone at the top of the AFC East. What a wonderful moment it was to see that division listing! [However, have you ever wondered why a team in Texas, a southwestern state, is listed in a division labeled "east"?]

I spent much of the forth quarter on the mini-stepper. In 30 minutes, I actually covered 2,425 steps. Saturday it was 2,200. A 10% increase each day. I wonder if that is good or if I was just being lazy on Friday. At least pummeling away on that thing helps me forget my worries about Kashi for a little while.

He has eaten some, but it is sporadic. He has not had more than a single, small meal per day. He also is not really interested in his bones, treats, or any of my food. Usually, I practically have to kick him off my lap when I eat. I never thought I would actually want him to beg!

At least he still enjoys his walks. When we are out and about, he practically has me running, he is pulling so very hard on the leash. However, when we return home, he flops down and goes to sleep.

It is strange...he is spending a lot of time lying at the foot of the couch, on the kitchen floor, and on the bathroom floor. Everywhere I go, he follows, curls up in a ball, and sleeps. I guess you could say I am extremely worried because I kept picking up the video camera to take a few more frames of him sleeping. For example, he spent much of this day guarding a paper napkin he had stolen from me at breakfast. He was so assiduous in his guard that he slept with the napkin tucked beneath his chin and two of his stuffed animals on either side keeping guard while he took his rest.

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