Thursday, November 23, 2006

I have another bit of advice when it comes to leftovers...In case anyone is keeping track: Indian food should not be consumed after four days.

I thought it might be a bit suspicious, but really the fifth day is not very long when it comes to eating many leftovers. The result of said consumption was much roiling of innards for many, many hours through last evening and late on into the night.

At 3:00 this morning, after munching on my fifth Tums tablet, I kept thinking about the Thanksgiving meal that was mere hours away. Clutching my gut and vowing to be much more responsible regarding leftovers, I wondered just what might have been growing in the Murg Mahkini that I had consumed. I finally was able to sleep around 4:00 after two more tablets and a glass of water.

I will say that I was able to consume far too many helping of this potato casserole that my step-mother created. It had eggs, butter, sour cream, and sundry other ingredients that resulted in the best tasting potatoes I can ever remember consuming. Hence, the extra helpings.

My innards, however, were not ready for large amounts of food. Sadly, I couldn't even manage to treat myself to a slice of chocolate mousse cake for dessert. In fact, the thought of dessert make me groan.

I did ask my step-mother if I could bring a slice home. However, I forget it at their home when I left. 45 minutes later, when I was getting my camera out of the car back at my house, I realized that I would not be eating any of the cake, even if my innards recover.

I did throw out the remainder of the Indian food. For the record, I could have gotten two more meals out of it.

Kashi didn't eat any more yesterday evening or this morning. When I came home, I managed to get his three pills down without breaking any skin on my fingers. After our battle of wills, he did eat a few tablespoons of food. I wish I knew what was wrong with him.

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