Sunday, November 12, 2006

I got to thinking that there was really no one in my life who would really make me chicken and dumplings, so on a whim I started Googling recipes. I found one I sort of liked, but the dumpling part was just flour, salt, and water. So, I kept looking until I found one that was flour, salt, soda, and buttermilk. However, that recipe was weak on spices for the broth. I found a third that was strong on spices and combined all three.

And I made myself chicken and dumplings.

I would offer that my first try was about a B+. The broth was tasty, but needed more of the spices I used. I have always struggled with how to spice things in great quantities, such as with an entire Dutch oven of broth. I also would like to find out how to make the dumplings a little lighter and perhaps a bit flavored.

Still, I have five more helping of chicken and dumplings to savor this coming week...five more opportunities to savor both the taste and the accomplishment...

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