Friday, November 03, 2006

I would give myself a B- on my interview today.

Thanks to preparation help from a couple of people and prayer covering from my friends, I walked into the interview the calmest I have ever been in that situation. I felt the ineffable peace of Christ filling me and welcomed the opportunity to talk.

However...I think I talked too much. Our time was shorted by a delay by the interviewer, and I just didn't make it through my portfolio. I didn't even fully answer her one main question, though I did answer her follow-up questions. She did like my design work though...

I should hear next week whether or not I have made it to the next step of their hiring process: yet another interview. I shall focus on the adage that "the third time's the charm" and hope for that chance!

I will say, though, that I learned something this week. Thanks to the support of my friends and the task of putting together the portfolio and on-line resume and portfolio, I found the self that I had lost at my last job.

This week I was also able to finally move forward in my novel once again. I have been stuck on having to write another sermon. While the particular message of the sermon is not what spoke to me this week, the work of creating it touched my soul with such sweetness. I have asked my friends to read it, to see if they make the connections I crafted into the message..perhaps asking a bit too strongly. But immersing myself in the Word of God proved to be the anchor I needed.

I lost myself in hard labor, writing, the portfolio, and the Word of God...I lost myself and found what I had already lost along the way.

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