Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am battling with my heart and my mind this day. This month is practically over in my mind, since I have only recently discovered that Thanksgiving is next week...not in two weeks as I previously thought. No one will be thinking about hiring me next week or the one thereafter. November is shot. No one will think about hiring me in December, so my next real opportunity will be in January. That is far too long a time to remain unemployed.

I have been practically paralyzed in my despair over how long it has been. When not immobile in reality, I have been shedding tears.

This day, this week, have not been good for me.

And yet…and yet I had an idea for one of my two novels that carried the main characters off a street where they have languished for months and taken them 30 pages further in the journey of their tale in just three days this week. Puzzles and intrigue and a new character were introduced. Things hinted at, things revealed.

Could that not be considered time well spent?

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