Friday, June 05, 2015

Another day...

Another day of violent nausea.  Another day of my not being all that content with violent nausea.  Another day of my being mostly a bump on a log.

I did call Mary with the intention that she go fetch some milk with me.  I had but a mere half gallon left in the house.  Having arrived back home, after finishing our phone visit, I mostly stared at nothing whilst trying to endure.

I am just not that good at enduring.

Firewood Man came to mow and whilst he did not stay for a visit and one of the drinks I keep on hand for him, he did chat on the phone a bit.  I am longing for those balusters to be replaced.  Maybe ... maybe ... he'll have a break in his schedule in three weekends.

However ... and this is a GREAT BIG however ... Firewood Man had many, many, many appreciative words about the back steps.  He said that the picture did not do them justice and that he thought my idea was good and the execution excellent and he would proffer my plan to others whose porches and steps he repairs.  HIGH PRAISE coming from him.

It is true that when I am feeling rather discouraged, I go take a peek at them.
Silly Myrtle.

I was brave enough to mention to Mary one of my wicked homeowner thoughts:  What if I do not re-seal the porches now?  What if I just have them cleaned (power washed) and leave off the re-sealing until the fall or even next spring, when I have not been doing other work?????  I am actually about 99.99% sure I could live with leaving the front porch another year.  It is not in bad shape at all ... save for being absolutely filthy from the winter snow and spring pollen.  The back porch is giving me pause.  It was only freshly sealed last year when I scrapped off the paint and sanded it.  I think a power washing might just call for fresh sealing. However, other than having the grill on the sidewalk whilst the wood is drying, doing the back porch should just take about an hour and a half or so.  It wouldn't be too much work, wouldn't leave me despairing over yet another thing I must do myself being single and alone.

Mostly, all I want to do is paint the stair railing when it is repaired and be DONE with any and all labor until I divide the hostas next fall.  [Have I mentioned how happy I am that research on dividing hostas noted that doing so in the fall was the best time???]

I want to paint the stair railing tomorrow ...  but I have to be patient with Firewood Man.  All of his lawn clients are clamoring for summer mulching on top of redoing of some beds and his regular mowing.  Plus, he's got his new chickens, ducks, and garden.  And then his friend's farm where he helps.  And his church where he's the de-facto groundskeeper and handyman.  I'm blessed just to be on his list somewhere.  After all, it is not his fault that some of the balusters warped.

I do so like that he likes my steps.
Prideful Myrtle.

Sometimes, when I am so nauseous I want the world to end, I take a shower.  Doing so does not help, but it is such a large distraction.  So, here I sit, ensconced in wretchedness, with hair dripping all over the GREEN chair.  At least Amos is happy I'm such a slug (i.e., he can have as much lap/shoulder time as his heart desires).

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