Sunday, June 21, 2015


Amos and I had a visitor the other day:

Amos was scared, but I was wondering why it was just lying there.  I guess moths nap, because after a while he took off.

Of course, posting this close-up shows me that, actually, maybe I should changed my mind about re-sealing the porch next year instead of now (once Firewood Man power washes it).

Today, I spotted another visitor in my neighbor's yard:

This little guy and three bunny siblings were born this spring in her front yard. I cannot tell if just one is sticking around or all of them and we are seeing different ones.

Last night, I finally gave Amos his long overdue bath.  He was rather stinky from all his nervousness over my pruning labors.  That meant I had to do laundry, between his bath towels, the bedding, and all the dirty clothing that I have been ignoring for quite a while.

Six loads.
I feel like I'm running a laundry mat.
At least my critical clothing supplies are replenished.

We had sunshine today.  I almost did not recognize it.  So, just now, Amos and I are enjoying the airing porch for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks.  More rain is coming, though.  Rivers here are flooding.  And homes.

I am on the second full day of bumping up the theophylline just a bit.  The cardiologist would like to see if 600 mg would be okay, given that I cut my 800 mg dose in half due to the increased levothyroxine.  So, right now, having picked up a prescription of 100 mg pills, I am taking 500 mg.  I do believe that I am the teeniest less apt to faint/near faint when bending over.  My heart, last night, was not quite so wonky when rolling over.  But maybe I am just wishing for things to be better.  I am not, at least, feeling the symptoms of theophylline toxicity as I was at 800 mg.

It took me quite a long time to figure out how to combine the 12-hour pills and the 24-hour pill.  I finally decided to take the former at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM and the latter at noon.  Then, I switched the levothyroxine from 3:00 AM (ish) to midnight, which gives me a 12-hour window between the initial surge of theophylline that comes from swallowing a pill.  I hope my medication math is right.

You know what a talented mathematician I am.......

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