Saturday, June 13, 2015

The perfect pants...

I cannot quite find the words to express how I feel being in all women's clothing.  However, I did spend the gas to go back to Target to see if I missed another pair of the pants and to buy a second nightgown.  There were no more pants, but I did discover that the nightgown had not registered the additional 25% off, so customer serviced fixed my receipt and then I paid for a second nightgown.

Wearing it last night was also weird, for me, because I don't wear nightgowns. I definitely don't wear short nightgowns.  However, this fit at the top and then flowed down past my always sore abdomen to hang freely mid-way down my thighs.  It is purple, not pink.  Still flowery.  And basically it was like wearing feathers, as far as pain factor.  It would be nice if I could find some sort of night shorts to wear with it, not that anyone would ever see me.

Today, I've had on the pants, top, and jacket, even though I should save them for going out.  Meaning, I shall no more have to go to Wal-mart or Target in my men's lounge pants!  However, I am wearing them because I feel ... better ... in them.  I cannot quite identify what I am feeling, but in part I feel more like a person.

Becky used her smart brains and identified the pants by my description of them.  They are yoga pants.  Being a hermit, I just might be the last person on the planet to encounter yoga pants.  Now, I absolutely understand Pioneer Woman's blog snippets about yoga pants.  These fit just below the painful part of my abdomen, are fitted, but not tight, through the lower part of my hips, and then hang straight down.  For the men's lounge pants, I roll the waist down 2-3 times to keep the pressure off my abdomen.

Normally, even back when I was well (and thin) I rarely found a pair of women's pants I could wear because I inherited my father's backside (practically nonexistent) and do not have the hour-glass curve or nipped-in form of a female waist.  My torso is basically a trunk.  Even now, it is more of a Redwood than anything else.  Somehow, though, the yoga pants fit perfectly.

I saved the tags.

I did decided to buy three more tops that match the one I found.  I haven't tried them on yet, but if they are the same, I will keep them.  They were not on clearance (only the garish purple one I have on was), but they were 30% off with a text coupon.  Since I have not really been using all my budgeted clothing funds, I shouldn't be bothered about the purchase, but I am.  Just a bit.  More, though, I like the idea of having a woman's top beneath whatever over piece I am wearing, be it hoodie or that athletic jacket I got.

Funny, isn't it, a weak and disabled person wearing yoga and athletic gear?

It is so STINKING HOT that I practically died going out.  Even taking Amos out to conduct his business is hazardous to my health.  The humidity is so high that my board straight hair is curling.  Just after starting this entry, a storm rolled in ... rather fiercely.  All this STINKING HOT and INCREDIBLY HUMID weather has me thinking that I have somehow moved back to Texas.  SIGH.

If we are going to have an entire summer of STINKING HOT weather, I vow never to gripe about snow again.

Hey ... by the way, what is wrong with this photo????????


Mary Jack said...

Ha ha, so do gar-diners have hot plate specials? Glad you discovered yoga pants! They can be great!

Mary Jack said...
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