Friday, March 24, 2006

The definition of irony: An insurance company sending you a check for $31 dollars due to a miscalculation in your premium the same day they send a notice that your premium was being raised.

This developer at work was walking by while I was assembling binders of our new communications policies and procedures for staff. She looked at the piles of binders, paper, and tabs and commented that it was all a colossal waste of time and paper.

I was stunned and felt awash with defeat.

It was not just the binders she dismissed.

Why would you even just say something like that to a co-worker?

I also have a communications person determined to flat out bully us into making an event for residents into a political statement. We changed the date to accommodate them. We even stepped aside as the "host" to accommodate them (even though this whole thing is on our non-profit dime). I have been standing our ground on the event format, speaking the "broken record" to her and the other two folks in the county government who also keep pushing and pushing and ignoring us. This woman actually called the president of our company to complain! She complained about me and claimed that there was an error on the postcards and letters we sent out. She just didn't read them. There are two times because their are two parts to the event. All she was trying to do was to make trouble. I would love to meet her on a school ground!

Throughout this project, we have worked to include the partners in our press and have pitched it as evidence of what a strong partnership and dedicated residents can accomplish in affordable housing. The county has maintained a website on the project without ever consulting us other than to request photos. They even announced the completion of the project without asking us!


I really don't understand people.

I just don't.

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