Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have been working on a brochure for my mother's new business and helping her work with her website designer. Of course...that means I am putting together the text for the website. I worked about five hours this evening after work. I wish to bill her...but I cannot. The website is too wordy...I am struggling to get it down.

To make sure I had a good night sleep, my best friend gave me the opportunity to lose to her in Scrabble yet again. Her prowess was evident again in that I had most of the triple word squares and yet she led from beginning to end. I am proud that my friend is so good at this game, but I really, really, really do not like losing!

Wednesday nights are hard because they lead to Thursdays when I would rather they lead to Fridays because Wednesdays I am the most fatigued and looking forward to Friday nights because they lead to Saturday mornings when I can sleep as long as needed.

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