Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Do I have a cold? I sure wish someone would let me know.

I am continuing to swallow and cough ever so slightly. I start to think that my nose is beginning to grow stuffy and then all becomes clear on the breathing front. I feel as if I have been talking for days on end, but no real pain in my throat; it is just a bit scratchy.

Am I ill?

Today, I knocked a few birds off the fence. I called the retirement group, asked for the rep to forward the papers to me, picked up the phone again, called the CFO of my last job, and point blank asked him what I needed to do in order for the form to be signed. When he replied what form, I forwarded it to him directly, with proof it was the fourth time it was sent. Four phone calls later, the paperwork was returned to the retirement company. So, in two or three days, my new account should be funded.

I dragged my bones (remember they may be ill bones) out of bed at 8:30 AM to great the HVAC man. I was humbled by his kind remembrance of me and the fact that he prayed for me when hearing about the flooding here in June 2006. Sure enough, the inducer motor had decided to inexplicably die, growing ever louder by each cycle of the heater. Lo and behold, I had 14 days left on my labor warranty and the part was actually in stock. He left to fetch it, returned in under an hour, and completed the repair in less than an hour more.

I made contact with the temp agency and sent them my resume. My boss gave me someone to start with so I could have a personal connection, but he passed me off without ever talking to me. Here's hoping I could at least temp soon.

I spoke with the realtor. Perhaps I am naive, but she genuinely sounded as if she could sell my home much, much more quickly than I anticipated. I was both excited and quite frightened at the same time. Could this really be happening?

I checked out the Pods system. I think perhaps this will make the move much more economical. This was B's idea...and a rather good one at that.

I finished another chapter. Boy, it was not the easiest one by far. I struggle with nearly half the words and then ended up with five extra pages that have to go in the next chapter even though I want them in this one.

My writing student came over to work on another scholarship application. This one is a doozy: A Marketing Slogan and Campaign to Attract Young People to Government Service. In listening to her ideas, I had a most brilliant brainstorm that I am sure she will transform into a rather spectacular essay. This was just one of six applications she plans to knock off by the end of March. Go K!

I saved the best accomplishment for last: I found photos of Appleton! You can visit this site to see pictures of the festivals, parades, parks, farmer's market, and cultural arts center. Frankly, I found them quite enticing.

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