Friday, March 16, 2007

I find it strange that it is easier to find a reason to commit suicide on the Internet than not. Do a Google search and it is oh so easy to find comprehensive how-to information, blow-by-blow descriptions of the tools of the trade, organized by what type of death a person would like to have.

What type of death do I want to have? What a strange question.

These websites approach suicide in a very systematic manner, providing a review of procedures and outcomes. One can conduct an analysis of the data and determine which way best fits one's circumstances, nature, and desired departure.

If one were searching for reasons not to commit suicide, he/she would be sorely disappointed...perhaps even swayed to the opposite course of action.

Yes, the Internet is a boon to this generation to grant us instant access to information that we might never have known. People can study disciplines without ever having to pay a penny in tuition. News updates abound. The laymen hold others accountable for their actions. Lost loves are found. Lives are shared.

Yet...yet the Internet is also the greatest boon to child pornography this world has ever seen. A boon to a practice that humiliates and destroys innocent lives. And it is a font of how-to information keyed to destroying lives...bombs, anorexia, abuse, suicide.

It is, at times, rather difficult to be an advocate of free speech.

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