Monday, March 19, 2007

I ate this truly horrid old can of soup for lunch/dinner today. It was one of those cans you keep around in case of natural disaster or a ground zero event. I think it has moved with me through my last three moves, possibly four.

As lentil soup goes, this was probably the worst you could have. Especially egregious to the appetite were the stringy green things floating around, looking more like they belonged in a swamp rather than my bowl.

I ate it because I am unemployed. I ate it because I cannot see the sense in charging anything else when this is available. Of course, there was the ever present chicken in the freezer, but I fairly sure that should I come in contact with a flock of hens I could communicate with them so many of their siblings have I consumed. I also think that I should not move those cans of soup yet another time.

At this time, in this moment, I shall not think of the two remaining cans of lentil soup still resting upon the shelf.

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