Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well, I managed to come home today without taking a single extra train. Monday's commute was extended by three extra trains, which was an improvement on Friday's. However, I welcomed the victory.

I did, however, collapse on the couch. Whoever said taking the metro would be relaxing is crazy. [W was that you?] I have to hoof it the equivalent of three city blocks to get to the train, push my way on board, hope for a seat, push my way off, race through the transfer station to the next train, push my way on board, stand for two stops, push my way off, race up the stairs, and walk six city blocks to my job as an assistant to an assistant. Needless to say, I am tuckered out by the time I get there. There is nothing very stimulating about making copies, filing, making changes to Outlook contacts, so I find that the eight hours and even my lunch time drag by ever so slowly. [I have been passing my down time by editing this past year's annual report by this international organization. It is quite impressive with big photos and convincing numbers, but it is riddled with grammatical errors.] By the time I arrive back home, all I want to do is crawl in the green chair and loaf until bed-time. In my forced time off, I had forgotten how difficult it is for me to go from early morning until early evening.

After taking an hour of couch time, I did manage pluck myself off the lap of comfort and trudge outside to put fertilizer out in the front and back yards. The spreader was not working, so I had to tackle the job the old fashioned way with the "spreader" attached to the end of my arm.

I will admit that I thought I might possibly have spotted the tiniest bit of growth from the seeds that I spread out in November. Of course, if that is the case, the fertilizer will probably kill them. Yet...I think I will hope for the best.

Spending the rest of the evening recovering from my efforts, I realize that I will have to be diligent to use the weekend time to get the blasted basement floor done. I am already quite tired of looking at the pealing grey paint, listening to its cry for me to put it out of its misery. I would rather gaze out upon my lovely yard, now that it has been neatened and trimmed after the long winter.


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