Monday, April 14, 2008

I spent part of the evening working on my two bonsais. While at the arboretum, I realized just how neglected they were.

I have one this is just over 10 years old and another that is over 50. The older one is a mess. I need professional help for it. While I gave it a much needed pruning, I had to admit to myself that the shape is hopelessly lost. I need wire. I need vision. I need help.

The younger one, while a mess in its own right, was much, much more manageable. It is has a bulbous root system and a much more discernible "right" and "wrong" shape for the plant. I think it is fairly well back on its feet.

I enjoyed snipping and studying and studying and snipping. Such peace comes from shutting all else out save for the small piece of God's creation in front of you. Brings about much needed perspective...

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