Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Why did you not post last night," you ask. Well, frankly, after spreading out the fertilizer, I could only use my right hand and did not have the energy to peck at the keyboard single-handed.

Yes, I am happy those weed killer granules are out on my lawn, even if it means the left hand portion of the yard will be rather, rather bare if they work. I am still thankful to L for running that errand while we were having our Girl's Day Out. I am also glad the seemingly unending rain stopped so that I could apply the special fertilizer. However, the application process did cause a bit of a problem with me.

I do not have one of those push fertilizer spreaders (I really don't have a place to store one). Instead, I have one that you hold in your left hand and spin (spread) with your right hand. While the spreading took just about 15 minutes, my left arm was trembling within just minutes of holding the spreader. By the time I finished, it was more like a wet noodle than an appendage.

The rest of the evening, I had to figure out ways to do my tasks with only one arm. My left arm simply would not work. When I tried to lift it, I felt as if I were dragging it through mud and what little function I did have was so weak that it was ineffective, i.e., I dropped things. The whole experience was rather disconcerting.

However, I am trying to focus on the fact that, hopefully, my labors will result in deadened weeds across my lawn and the future spread of beautiful green grass.

NOTE: The one drawback to my job is that there is no human resources person. You basically have to make do yourself. This might not be so bad if there was a clear process, a self-help guide, and a central location for all information. This is not the case at work. On top of that, the one person I keep getting pointed to practically freaks out if you ask her things, and dancing around her frustrations at having to deal with employees when human resources is "not her job; not what she was hired to do" to keep a lid on her reaction is quite draining. Well, today, after a week of trying to contact the health insurance person, I discovered the four messages I left were actually for another woman; the phone number on the contact sheet was incorrect. When I got to the right person, I discovered my information had never been entered. It had never been entered because my form was lost. However, had it been entered, it would have been faxed to the wrong number as had the other new employee's form had been. I rather hastily filled out another form and faxed it to the insurance agent myself. The down side is that I cannot get proof of insurance for 3 business days even though my coverage will start tomorrow. I literally spent several hours chasing down this information today and ensuring both myself and my co-worker was covered. The only plus to the day was the fact that my office was not sweltering due to the colder weather we are currently experiencing. I'm probably the only person in the North East who is rejoicing over the return to winter-ish weather! However, I must also add that I was informed that all air in the building will be turned off next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as the work on the HVAC system progresses to the next stage. Too bad a warm front is moving in on Friday.

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