Sunday, April 06, 2008

Today, I moved all the plants I have been wintering indoors back outside. I know that I am pushing it a bit with the weather still chilly, but I just had to give myself some space. Never do I feel my home is so spacious as do I when I make that spring pilgrimage with my plants.

My friend DB, who stays at my house for me when I am out of town, failed to water my plants while I was at B's cabin. I tried not to complain because I am appreciative of his help. But I do have this funky palm sort of plant that only puts out one stem a year. I have had it seven years. Before I left, it had 7 stems. When I came back home, 5 of them were either dead or yellowing in death.

I was worried about my two bonsais, but they weathered the water strain fairly well. The oldest bonsai I have is nearly 50 years and is in dire need of re-potting, but I am fearful of tackling that task since the last time I attempted to re-pot a bonsai, it died a lingering death. The other one is not that old, but it has been loyal to me. [I will not talk about the more than dozen bonsais that were quite disloyal and up and died on me despite my lavished loving attention.]

When Miss Z walked outside, she became fascinated with my fountain, pronouncing it, "COOL!" on more than one occasion. I had cleaned out all the winter leave debris and the birds have not yet taken to perching on it, so it is more than half covered with moss just now. Much of the moss is sprouting these alfalfa like sprouts. I supposed that is a part of it growth and development, but it does look like something out of Dr. Seuss.

I swept up the pieces of the two pots that did not survive the winter and disinterred the remains of the two plants that also succumbed to the cold. While doing the latter, the old crate that they were perched on collapsed. B and her husband G had brought it to me. Although I had put deck sealer on it every year, I suppose it was just not intended to be outdoors so much. I kept the two ends because I thought I might be able to make something out of them.

Finally, I consoled myself by creating a new moss garden. It is in a tiny oriental pot. I hope that there is enough space for it to flourish, but will seem way too small to interest the blasted squirrels who have the audacity to dig in my moss garden pots.

Working out doors was rather peaceful and enjoyable to me, despite the gray drizzle. I only wish B was here so that I had someone with whom to share my puttering in the yard.

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