Sunday, May 21, 2006

I hurt my right ankle today. It is a bit inconvenient since I am still wearing a brace on my left ankle from a fall at work. My right ankle is bruised and swollen and hurts went I walk. But that does not bother me as much as the fact that I cannot remember how I hurt it. I remember that whatever happened hurt at the time and I remember wondering if it would be a momentary twinge or a longer-term hurt. However, I cannot remember actually hurting it. What happened is just not available to me. That frightens me more than the thought of two bum ankles.

I took Kashi for a walk and was attacked by two dogs. I called animal control and spent about an hour with the officer. I napped for about two hours because I awoke so tired that I was dizzy. I watered the lawn twice. I ate two left over burritos from Taco Bell, drank two Dr Peppers and a glass of milk, and munched on candy from that Variety Store. I put out more birdseed and watered the ever thirsty fountain on my deck. I remember all of that...I just don't remember how I hurt my ankle.

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