Saturday, May 06, 2006

On an errand for work, my friends and I visited a Variety Store in search of drippy candles. [I am trying to create the ambiance of an outdoor cafe for a community center dedication ceremony on Tuesday.] Walking through the doors was like walking through time.

I, of course, noticed the candy isle right away and found myself delighted to greet two of my childhood friends: sugar babies and sugar daddies. Yum. I may just possibly have abandoned my strict no-spending-because-of-the-car-accident-and-HVAC-work policy to fill a bag of the sweets from yesteryears.

I found the candles...and much more. There were those plastic coin purses that you squeeze to open and Chinese finger traps. My best friend's husband enjoyed the match car filled toy isle. I found a miniature ceramic frog for one of my bonsai pots. I moaned and groaned over a lady bug mug, but managed to resist. My best friend found a small lady bug magnet and managed to sneak it past me to surprise as a gift. I bought her a miniature purple flashlight key chain and a purple Le Pen pen. [She likes all things purple].

We really sort of rushed through the store for it was late and we had had a long day. Such good friends they are...walking examples of Christ's love. In the morning, my friend had made the most sumptuous breakfast casserole. I then started on the worst allergy attack that I have had since moving here 8 years ago. We went off to Target to get some medicine (and a bathing suit for her daughter and Saran wrap for me). Even though we were all hungry, they let me dash into The Home Depot for some more of that miracle clog bust Zep since bathing Kashi was the last straw for my upstairs bathtub drain.

After all my errands were done and we had gotten a bite to eat, I dropped them off at Mount Vernon and took their sweet child home for a nap. I rested myself, read the bible, and then wrote some on my novel.

When I went to pick them up, tired as they were, they were willing to make the trek to the store so that I could get my candles.

A pizza, a game of Phase 10, and a movie topped off this day.

The sweet taste of childhood savored with the sweet taste of friendship.

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