Friday, January 05, 2007

I lay down in bed to read last night and forgot about the barrette that was still in my hair, pressing against that spot on the back of my head. So, all too soon, I was dizzy and nauseous. After spewing my dinner in the toilet, I pulled the barrette out of my hair, ripping out quite a few strands in the process. I tried to get settled back in bed, but I couldn't seem to get the pillow right (it kept pressing against that spot) and ended up shivering, dizzy, and violently ill until around 6:00 this morning when I finally moved to the green chair where I could sleep sitting up, my the side of my head resting against the wing portion of the chair.

If shaving my head would help, I think I would do it...using wigs for went I am in public and just my bald head at home.

But...while barrettes and bobbypins and hairbands all make me ill if they rest against that do pillows. So being bald would be of no help in that situation.

I tried to discover why this is happening. Yet, three doctor's visits, one x-ray, and one MRI later, no one can tell me what is wrong with the back of my head. I am careful to avoid it, but then time goes by and I forget.

Being ill for hours on end is such a harsh reminder.

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