Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I do not want tomorrow to come. I do not.

I do not want another month to begin whilst I remain at home throwing myself into projects like a deranged woman. I do not want February to arrive.

February is a short month. There is barely enough days left for me to obtain employment before the first of March arrives. For when that month arrives, my meager unemployment compensation ends and so does my hope of remaining here.

If March arrives and I remain jobless, then I shall call a realtor, put my house on the market, toss a dart at a map, and move. Well, I hope it is a bit more thoughtful than a dart. I mean, really, where do I go when I cannot remain here?

Right now, I am casting an eyeball at Appleton, WI. A city tossed off the lips of my cousin as a possibility is actually a close match to my list of requirements. That fact excites me. The thought of moving by myself with no job or friends or family terrifies me. It terrifies me, yet I see no other viable course of action before me.

Fifty-nine minutes before February arrives. Oh that I wish I could stay its arrival...

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