Monday, February 12, 2007

Finding a place to live is not as easy as I thought it would be.

My father, brother, and sister all feel the need to continually observe that if I have not found a job here, then I will most likely not find a job wherever I choose to move. I try to remind them that if I were not burdened with such a high mortgage, I would be free to do just about anything.

Of course, their doom-filled speech has set me to spending hours on the web job searching in the areas that interest me...when I am not on, that is. What I have discovered is that I most likely will not get a teaching position, so the dream of returning to education is practically dead. I also have not found any writing positions, nor communications. I guess all the pontificating-for-hire is truly centered here in the nation's capital. I have been dismayed to see that there is more "shift" work than administrative. Hmm...will I really find a job? At least one that pays more than $10.00 an hour?

I did manage to leave off the desperate search to write another chapter. I found the words difficult to set to the page. Even more so are the ones waiting in the wings. I am not sure who is bothered more, Megan or I...

My father and I did not finish our movie marathon today because his auto navigation system had ceased working. I tried several troubleshooting methods, but to no avail. When I called customer service, the representative had me repeat all my efforts. Then, he asked me to go ahead and wipe all the user data. However, when I tried to do so, it did not work. The confirmation of the data wipe appeared, but all the data was still there and it still did not work. Being the proactive guru that I am, I asked for a RMA number, packaged the unit up, and made my father drive over to the post office to send it on its way to Garmin.

So, no more movies, but at least I did not feel obligated to sit through more of that series on the capitol!

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