Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remember all those posts lamenting the warm weather this winter? Well, they are coming back to haunt me.

As I mentioned previously, a bit of a winter mix fell a couple of nights ago. Now, usually when it snows, I periodically shovel a path across the back deck to the steps, the deck steps, and the front sidewalk while it is still snowing to lessen the work afterwards. This time, I did managed to do the deck, but neither the steps nor the sidewalk. I was too busy writing.

So, I am effectively iced in.

Kashi and I have both fallen down the deck steps. I am only traversing them because he now refuses to do so. I cannot have him conducting his business indoors or on the deck, so it falls to me to get him to the yard. [No pun intended.]

I tried to shovel both the steps and the walk, but they are hard as...well...solid ice. I can even walk on top of the snow in the back yard because the ice is so hard.

Considering my pre-preparation method had worked so well the last four winters, I am a bit bothered with myself that I neglected to do so this time. I do have some "driveway melt," but I purchased it four years ago and its magic is not working.


I did finish another chapter in the novel...

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